Monday, 30 December 2013

Camping trip.

Just got back from my camping trip with my friends today and it was such good fun. I anticipated I'd be moody and get too tired by at least day 2 but enjoyed myself despite the boiling hot weather and crazy amount of flies that were outside, I also stubbed my toe, got burnt all over my back and got a few scrapes on my skin but it was worth it.
We drove down on Saturday, It was about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne and stopped halfway to get a shitload of food and alcohol. We got there an hour later than the others and by the time we set up the tents we all started eating and playing drinking games by the fire. I just ate cold baked beans from the can and got so drunk that all I remember was slurring words, discussing music and having grass thrown down my shirt. 


The second day we drove down 30 mins from the camping ground to go to the river for a swim, The river was ridiculously rocky so we had to float and avoid getting hit by the jagged rocks. The water was ridiculously cold but felt good in the 36 celcius degree heat, I missed most of my back with the sunscreen so got burnt badly and also stubbed my toe on a rock but it was the best part of the trip.
Once we got back we changed, I took a nap and woke up and cooked pasta alfredo with Tom, Dan and Rory. Once we served up everyone and had eaten we played more drinking games and sang songs by the fire. After we all finished our drinks we lay on a big mattress and looked at the stars, I went to bed after ten minutes whilst the others stayed.
Today we packed early and all got home around 1pm. 


We all decided to do it soon again for longer this time.